(11-30-21) Recall petitions have been filed with the Mercer County Board of Elections to remove four Celina city council members who voted in opposition to legislation that would have declared Celina a “Sanctuary City for the Unborn.” The petition signatures are currently being verified, adding that a certification meeting will be called once that process is complete.

Four petitions with signatures of Celina residents was submitted to the board on Monday.

Sovinski and Buxton

The four council members include two Republicans Mike Sovinski and Myron Buxton and two Democrats Eric Lochtefeld and June Scott, All four voted against the ordinance.

Scott and Lochtefeld

What the recall petition includes:

• Disregarding the stated will of the majority of the residents of the City of Celina.

• Sending the wrong message to the born children in Celina regarding the value of human life and the worthiness of the protection of life.

• Putting unborn children at risk of being murdered within the city limits.

• Putting businesses at risk of having an abortion facility located next door to their place of business.

According to Ohio law, if the petition is deemed sufficient, and if the person whose removal is sought does not resign within five days after the sufficiency of the petition has been determined, an election shall be held at the next primary or general election occurring more than 90 days from the date of the finding of the sufficiency of the petition.

Celina Mayor Jeff Hazel (R) continues to not answer the Outlook’s request on a comment or statement on the ordinance.