(8-22-21) On Saturday, August 21, 2021 at the Allen County Fair several large groups of teenagers and young adults, ages approximately 14-20 years old, caused issues at the fair. Each group contained roughly 10-15 individuals, totaling approximately 50 people. Throughout the night deputies received complaints the individuals in these groups were cutting in lines, making graphic sexually explicit comments towards\about female fairgoers, taunting fairgoers, and other inappropriate behaviors. Deputies gave warnings and commands to no avail, then when deputies approached the group(s) they would immediately run into the crowd shoving fairgoers on their way, including elderly, children, and strollers.

At approximately 9pm, one the groups were stopped by park rangers. The park rangers were shoulder checked and chest bumped by multiple individuals in this group. Once hands were placed on the rangers, they immediately called for backup. At this time several physical altercations happened at once require the Allen County Sheriff’s Office to call in additional help from our street unit outside of the fair. One individual was taken into custody. As the suspect was being taken away a crowd of approximately 30 people followed deputies trying to have the suspect released. This crowd harassed and taunted as they followed the deputies causing one deputy to spray OC into this crowd. The crowd then immediately dispersed. No other incidents occurred after this and no injuries were reported.

During the above-mentioned altercations our main dispatch center received a call from a third party stating there was gun involved. This was unfounded.

The investigation is still ongoing.

The Allen County Fair is a safe, community event meant to be enjoyed by all fairgoers. Allen County Sheriff’s Office officials and the Allen County Fair board met this morning. There will be zero tolerance for unsafe and inappropriate behavior. Individuals will be removed from the fair for the duration of the Allen County Fair and if they are caught back on the property will be arrested for trespassing. Our goal, and that of the fair board, is to provide a safe and enjoyable fair for everyone.