(8-22-21) Progressive Morgan Harper announced last week that she is entering the race for the Democratic nomination for Ohio’s open Senate seat.

Harper is an attorney and community organizer who served during the Obama Administration at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

Harper is running on a progressive platform, including workers’ rights, environmental and racial justice, universal healthcare, reproductive rights, gun control and “safe streets,” as well as “fighting against the far-right” and corporate greed. She said she will not accept corporate PAC money.

Harper lost a progressive Democratic primary challenge to incumbent U.S. Rep. Joyce Beatty last year, she got less than 32 percent of the vote. She received a PAC donation of $4,740 from Justice Democrats, an organization that backs primary challengers to Democratic incumbents in hopes of electing more “bold progressive” activists like New York’s Alexandria Ocasio Cortez.

Last year, she co-founded Columbus Stand Up!, which distributed over 20,000 masks during the pandemic.

In her announcement, Harper said she grew up in –

“working-class Ohio and that she is a Black woman who grew up in a foster home and was adopted and raised by an immigrant from Trinidad who was an educator and lifelong member of the Ohio Education Association.”

Harper said

“I’m a Democrat running to represent Ohio in the United States Senate to give power back to our communities, We need fresh, new leadership in Washington and a new game plan. This campaign is going to be built from the ground up, door by door, block by block not only to win but to deliver real change. It’s our turn.”