(7-14-21) The more things change the more they stay the same. Listed under that statement could be public school funding in Ohio. 80 years ago the Celina Exempted Village Board of Education shut down the school system on November 28th, 1941 until January 5th, 1942. Why? According to the story the 1941 funds were ‘exhausted’. Another key reason was a levy that had just failed in the system.

Mercer County Chronicle – 11-28-1941

School administrators are hoping that the new Fair School Funding Plan will solve future issues facing local school districts.

The Ohio Senate and House recently approved the Fair School Funding Plan that has three components:

  • a base cost
  • state and local share
  • categorical aid

Each district’s local share will be based on a combination of property values and other income factors. Factors such as transportation, poverty, special education needs and technology will be considered.

The original plan for the formula was a six-year phase-in program, but in the new Ohio state budget, only two years are funded.

A largely state-funded model, will weigh a school district’s wealth against the state’s share.