Shawn and Tre’

(7-13-21) It was a tense night at the Celina City Council Meeting when Shawn Billger, the father of Tre’, addressed them. Billger, who is still grieving the loss of his son, is trying to get answers on how his son died. The younger Billger was missing for several weeks before his body was found in Grand Lake.

In June (2020) the autopsy was released – The Montgomery County Coroner’s Office autopsy has reported that the death of Tre Billger (26) of Celina  was the result of drowning and intoxication from methamphetamine. Billger feels his son’s death was more then just what the autopsy said.

No further investigation was pursued…Shawn wants to know why his son’s death has not been investigated in depth.

The Outlook contacted Billger this morning about what took place and his thoughts on the experience-

Question- Your thoughts on how you were treated at the meeting?

I would…I was treated like every one was shocked by what I was saying and had no comment except from chief of police.

He could not properly answer any of my questions or concerns.

I had concerns from death threats of making my daughter and I come up missing if I did not stop investigating my son and I been told that I need extra protection for me and rest of my family cuz of the type of people I am dealing with that don’t care about people families.

My daughter and I should not be living with fear in our own home.

Question- Has anyone from CPD or the city contacted you since last night?

I need all the help I can get with this situation cuz the police department wants nothing to do with it

Question- Did anyone from city council or the mayor contact you?

I was approached walking home after meeting by one of council members and asked me to get into vehicle cuz he knew Tre and wanted to talk

Question- Any comment you want to share on all of this.

Multiple un-investigated deaths need looked into around here and we need to clean up our city for our children! Many people are scared in our community and they should not be! Why is Celina allowing drug activity going on in our community.

The drugs, money, and corruption need uncovered and justice for all these deaths occurring and help for the grieving parents.

This city has been over looked for years and it’s time to fight back against all the illegal activities, corruption, and cover ups within our community!

The Outlook did contact Celina City Law Director George Moore this morning for a statement.