(7-3-21) The US House of Representatives this past Tuesday voted to remove all Confederate statues from public display in the U.S. Capitol, along with replacing the bust of former Chief Justice of the United States Roger B. Taney, author of the 1857 Dred Scott decision that declared that people of African descent were not U.S. citizens.

The House passed the measure 285-120. All Democratic members supported the legislation; all ‘no’ votes came from Republican members.

Well known statutes the bill wants to remove are all former member of the Democrat Party.

Confederate President Jefferson Davis, left the Union as a member of the House representing Mississippi as a Democrat. General Robert E. Lee was from Virginia and a member of the democratic party. US Supreme Court Justice Roger B. Taney won election to the Maryland House of Delegates as a member of the Federalist Party, but later broke with the party over the War of 1812 and switching to the Democratic Party,

The removal of the statues of Charles Brantley Aycock (Aycock was prominent in the Democratic Party’s “white supremacy” campaigns.), the statue of John Caldwell Calhoun (Democratic-Republican Party), and the statue of James Paul Clarke (democrat).

Republicans who voted for the bill, also those who did not vote:

Congressman Mo Brooks Defends States’ Rights, Rips Intolerant Socialists Who Seek to Take Down Capitol Statues They Don’t Like

June 29, 2021 Press Release

Washington, DC— Tuesday, Congressman Mo Brooks (AL-05) announced he will vote “No” on H.R. 3005, a bill by intolerant Socialist Democrats who seek to take down “undesirable” statues from the U.S. Capitol.

Background: The U.S. Capitol’s National Statuary Collection has 100 statues, 2 from each state. Alabama’s two statutes are Helen Keller and Joe Wheeler (the only Confederate general to later become a United States general; General Wheeler oversaw Teddy Roosevelt and the Rough Riders charge up San Juan Hill in the Spanish-American War and is buried in Arlington National Cemetery, the resting place of many of America’s greatest heroes). Alabama also has a third statute honoring Civil Rights leader Rosa Parks. Both the General Wheeler and Rosa Parks statutes are in places of prominence in the old House Chamber (now known as Statuary Hall). Helen Keller is prominently honored and displayed in the Capitol Visitor’s Center.

The 1864 law establishing the National Statuary Collection provides that each state may “furnish statues…of deceased persons who have been citizens thereof, and illustrious for their historic renown or for distinguished civic or military services such as each State may deem to be worthy of this national commemoration.”

Congressman Brooks said,

“The 1864 law that establishes the National Statuary Collection defers to states the power to determine who they wish to honor with a Capitol statue. And that makes perfect sense. Just as it would be wrong for Alabama and other states to dictate to New York and California who they must honor, it is similarly wrong and repulsive for New York, California, or other states to dictate to Alabama who we must honor. Yet, H.R. 3005 seeks to do exactly that by empowering other states to dictate to a single state who that state can, or cannot, honor.”

Brooks continued,

“Cancel culture and historical revisionism are precursors to dictatorial government and the destruction of individual liberty and freedom by elitists who claim they know more than regular citizens and, hence, should be empowered to dictate what regular citizens can and cannot think or do. Ultimately, it’s all about political power in the hands of a dictatorial few coupled with the loss of freedom and liberty by the masses.”

Brooks concluded,

“I reject cancel culture and historical revisionism. I reject Socialist Democrat intolerance. I support federalism and a state’s right to decide for itself who it should honor. As such, I will proudly vote ‘No’ on H.R. 3005. Alabama, not New Yorkers, Californians, or anyone else, should decide who we wish to honor in Alabama’s contribution to the National Statuary Collection. Socialist Democrat states should butt out!”