(6-25-21) The Celina Cultural Collaborative is pleased to announce they have received a renewal of their grant of $5000 from Catholic Campaign for Human Development (a program offered by the Archdiocese of Cincinnati) to continue their Marshallese Mentoring Program at Celina High School.

Celina Culture Collaborative will continue the Marshallese Mentoring Program during the 21-22 school year. The Program is a student/community member mentoring program that provides long-lasting, positive relationships for our community. Our need (lack of positive role models for our students and a lack of empathy for our various cultural groups) was identified in meetings with leaders, parents, and students of the school community. Our activities provide positive role models for our students and opportunities for our cultural groups to meet and share experiences with each other.

Below is an example of reaching out to these students on the Celina Schools web site –

May be an image of text that says 'Ien im awa ko nan ebok mona!! Ien im awa in ebok mona ko ej kio aolep Monday im aolep Wednesday jen 10:30 nan 12:30 ilo High School! Celina City Schools Summer Feeding program eo ej nan aolep ajiri ro im 1 nan 18 aer iio. Mona ak meal kein renaj koman lok nan August 4! #BeABulldog #BulldogCafe'

The chief outcome (of the Mentoring Program) is providing opportunities that engage our community to grow and learn from each other. We want to build and maintain a culture that works collaboratively and seeks to always help others in need. A key element in this providing an opportunity for participants to become empowered and develop the desire and ability to advocate for themselves within the Celina Community. This program allows us to build trust between the cultural groups in Celina. We can provide economic assistance and offer stable, positive relationships.

The Grand Lake Rotary and Jim Mustard. They serve as the fiscal agent for our program. Also, Phil Metz (Celina High School Principal) and Renee Kramer (Assistant High School Principal) deserve thanks as well for their continued support of the program. We could not do this program without them.

Celina Culture Collaborative Members

Vaughn Ray (Curriculum Director – Celina City Schools and Co-Director of Mentoring Program )

Claudia Coe (Co-Director of Mentoring Program)

Shula David (Program Administrator of Mentoring Program)

Dave Mauer (Program Administrator of Mentoring Program)