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(6-3-21) While Ohio and the country seems to be getting back slowly to pre-pandemic conditions Emails have exposed a possible cover-up by Dr. Anthony Fauci and China’s involvement at the Wuhan Lab this past year. More than 3,200 pages of emails obtained through a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit filed by BuzzFeed News.

All of Fauci’s Emails

Below comes from the Fox News posting : Tucker Carlson: Is Dr. Fauci under criminal investigation?

The first email (January 31, 2020)

Immunologist called Christian Andersen, who works at the Scripps Research Institute in California warned Fauci that COVID appeared to have been manipulated in a laboratory.  

“The unusual features of the virus make up a really small part of the genome (less than point one percent), so one has to look really closely at all the sequences to see that some of the features (potentially) look engineered.” 

The following email was sent by Fauci (February 1, 2020)

Fauci then sent an email to his top deputy, Hugh Auchincloss. The subject of his email was “IMPORTANT. The email had an attachment – Baric, Shi, et al — Nature Medicine — SARS Gain of Function.pdf.

MSNBC conducted the following interview with Dr. Fauci –

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From this video – Sky News host Sharri Markson

“It is an extraordinary acknowledgement; it is incomprehensible for a public health official, charged with protecting public health to take this position, but that’s what he has done.”

“These emails show that in the very early stages of the pandemic – in early 2020 – he became concerned that the finding for gain-of-function research in the US had flown to Wuhan.

“And we see there’s a flurry of emails where he’s trying to find out whether he could be responsible or whether the NIH could be responsible for funding the research that might have created the virus that has leaked.”

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The past several weeks the issue of COVID 19 being created in the Wuhan Lab have been front and center, this follows in the footsteps of those issues.

Fauci emails included the following –

An email from Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg to Anthony Fauci