Note to our Mercer County Outlook community: These two groups will likely attempt to form a 3rd party, it is not related in any way or form with former President Donald Trump.

Former Michigan US Rep Paul Mitchell and Illinois US Rep. Adam Kinsinger are considering the same path with a different group of Republicans, yesterday on the view Kinsinger gave indications of his dissatisfaction with the GOP-

Kinzinger told The View yesterday that by removing Rep. Liz Cheney from GOP leadership, the party has

“actually given her a massive platform…They actually created their worst enemy … in de-platforming her. Standing up and being sane in the Republican Party… that’s not anything heroic. That’s just what people expect of us and unfortunately there’s not many of us doing that at the moment,”

He has created ‘Country First‘, the following was posted on that group’s page –

Country First and Congressman Kinzinger stand with Liz Cheney 100%, and we will do everything in our power to help her maintain her leadership post AND secure re-election next November. The Republican Party needs good, fearless, principled leaders now more than ever. In this dark hour, we will fight for Liz, and for the truth, and for the future of this republic.

In December Mitchell left the Republican party and would later be one of the keys to the new ‘A Call For American Renewal’.

News provided by A Call for American Renewal

Signatories include former governors, members of Congress, administration officials, strategists and thinkers working to reform the GOP, or create an alternative

WASHINGTON, May 13, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — A coalition of 150 prominent Republican and independent leaders have released A Call for American Renewal, a principles-based vision for American leadership, as an alternative to the current direction of the Republican Party and growing extremism in the nation. Their call for a return to principles (available at: follows a February summit and subsequent organizing.

As GOP leadership marginalizes Representative Liz Cheney and other honorable members and citizens for simple acts of truth-telling and conscience, founding signatories to this statement are mobilizing disaffected voters to impact competitive elections around the country and shape the future of the nation. This “common-sense coalition” seeks to catalyze the reform of the Republican Party and its re-commitment to truth, founding ideals, and decency or, if unsuccessful, lay the foundation for an alternative.

Evan McMullin, Executive Director of Stand Up Republic, former House Republican Conference policy director and 2016 independent presidential candidate.

“These principles are vital to our individual and collective flourishing, overcoming modern challenges, and preserving our way of life. They’re a foundation to unite Americans from diverse backgrounds in common cause. Our nation is calling out for a new coalition of principled, pragmatic citizens to renew America and counter the partisanship and extremism infecting the country.”

Miles Taylor, former Homeland Security official and co-founder of Republican Political Alliance for Integrity and Reform.

“There’s only one thing that can beat back the tides of extremism, fear, and conspiracy, and that is a people, unified behind common principles, joining their voices to demand better. That’s what we’re doing with A Call for American Renewal. Together, we can — and will — return our politics to the principles which should define us, and lead the way to a better, brighter future for all Americans.”

Key signers of A Call for American Renewal include Michael Steele, Barbara Comstock, Christine Todd Whitman, Denver Riggleman, Michael Chertoff, Charles Djou, George Conway, Charlie Dent, Reid Ribble, Evan McMullin, Charlie Sykes, Anthony Scaramucci, Mona Charen, Miles Taylor, Tom Ridge, Michael Hayden, Paul Mitchell, Bill Weld, Mike Madrid, Claudine Schneider, Jim Kolbe, Mary Peters, John Negroponte, and many others. For a full text of A Call for American Renewal and list of signatories, visit To speak to one of the signatories or for assistance, please reach out to the point of contact below.