WKYC Political Correspondent Tom Beres sits down with Governor Mike DeWine to review the year that changed Ohio and discuss what true recovery – economically, socially, and educationally − actually entails. This forum is the The Annual Bolton Memorial Forum on National Politics

(3-20-21) During the above Annual Bolton Memorial Forum on National Politics Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said that he plans on running for re-election in 2022.

DeWine also said during the interview that is doesn’t bother him what politicians say about him including Republicansparty.

“This is a political season, they’re running a primary. It’s OK. I’ve been called so many things in particularly in the last year. It’s politics, my focus has got to stay on Ohio and getting us through this pandemic and moving on.”

Gaining national attention from the interview was when the Governor said he would accept an endorsement from former President Donald Trump –

“Endorsements are interesting, but ultimately, people make a decision who they want to be their governor or their senator. I’m not sure endorsements play such a huge role.”

DeWine is in a battle with Ohio Republicans and says he will veto Senate Bill 22 that would take away his sole power of issuing Health orders…not wanting to share them with Ohio legislators.


Governor DeWine Still Controls COVID 19 Health Orders, Senate Bill 22 In Limbo

Political analysts weigh in on DeWine’s run for re-election

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