(3-5-21) The Ohio Senate approved Ohio Senate Bill 22 on 2-17-21 passing 25-8 along party lines, with Democrats supporting Gov. DeWine by voting against the bill. SB 22, which is still in limbo, would give legislators significant input on future health orders, presently the Governor has complete control.

Three Republican senators who voted against a previous bill decided to vote yes on SB 22. (Sens. Stephanie Kunze, R-Hilliard, Kirk Schuring, R-Canton, and Matt Dolan, R-Chagrin Falls.)

So with all of that said Governor Mike DeWine continues to keep tight control on all health orders. While doing this the Governor gives no reasons why he continues to not open up the state by eliminating mandatory health orders. Even with the possibility of a bill that would give state legislators input into those orders he continues to turn a deaf ear.

This past week Governors in Texas and Mississippi have opened up their states, including the mask requirement..

Below is his tweets from Thursday on the future for Ohio.

The Governor did not explain why this formula is works for the state.

Individuals will not be forces to take the vaccine according to DeWine as of today.

The Governor is taking credit for in-person school learning taking place in Ohio.

It looks like Ohio will be on lock-down for many months to come.