(11-24-20) Four new COVID 19 deaths have been reported in Mercer County, raising the total to 44.

Image may contain: text that says 'COVID-19 As of November 24, 2,583 confirmed cases in Mercer County ************** 428 Probable cases 44 Deaths 21 Hospitalizations 2 Probable Deaths 2,219 Recovered 331 Active Cases PROMOTE MERCER COUNTY HEALTH DISTRICT'

In Mercer County-

  • 40th Mercer County resident to die COVID-19 was a 94-year old female from Coldwater
  • 41st resident to die from COVID-19 was an 81-year old male from Coldwater.
  • 42nd resident to die from COVID-19 was a 95-year old male from Coldwater.
  • 43rd resident to die from COVID-19 was a 76-year old male from Celina
  • 44th resident to die from COVID-19 was a 61-year old female from Coldwater.

As of November 24, 2020, the Mercer County Health District (MCHD) reports 2,583 confirmed cases, 428 probable cases, 2,219 recovered cases, 90 pending cases, 21 hospitalizations, 44 deaths, and 2 probable deaths of COVID-19. There have been 8 confirmed cases who have passed away due to causes other than COVID-19. Currently, there are 331 active cases of COVID-19 in Mercer County.

The 21 Mercer County residents who are currently hospitalized with COVID-19 range in age from 51 to 92 years, with an average age of 67 years old.  The 44 Mercer County residents who have died of COVID-19 range from 56 to 100 years in age, with an average age of 83 years old. 

As we head into the Thanksgiving holiday, the MCHD wants to remind everyone to not let your guard down. If you choose to gather, we urge you to keep your gatherings as small as possible. We encourage you to evaluate the potential risks against the benefits. The virus can spread during shared meals and traditional holiday activities involving multiple generations. The consequences of large gatherings could further burden our local hospitals, which are already feeling the impacts of this virus.

The MCHD staff will not be managing COVID-19 cases over the Thanksgiving holiday weekend and the office will be closed on Thursday, November 26th, and Friday, November 27th.  As a result, MCHD does not anticipate issuing press releases or daily social media updates during this time.  Your patience is appreciated as MCHD staff relax and enjoy the holiday weekend with their families.

Monthly COVID-19 Stats:

MonthNumber of Confirmed Cases
March (First case on 3/24)5 cases
April19 cases
May190 cases
June56 cases
July239 cases
August295 cases
September 283 cases
October544 cases
November – present952 cases