(11-23-20) Below are several reminders and updates.

Emergency Department Visitors/Support Persons – Due to significant increased activity in the Emergency Department, visitors/support persons will be limited, specifically no visitors/support persons will be allowed to leave a patient room and in some circumstances visitors/support persons may not be permitted at all.

Drug and Alcohol Screenings – In order to preserve hospital resources for critical patients, all drug and alcohol screenings are advised to utilize Mercer Health’s Occupational Health office, located at Mercer Health’s Community Medical Center in Celina, unless the screening is required for a post injury/accident and emergent healthcare services are needed.

COVID Test Result Communication – Patients receiving a COVID test at Mercer Health’s North Main Swab Station will receive their results the quickest if they have an active Mercer Health MyChart account.  All patients may also be contacted by the ordering provider and/or the Health District however due to the large volumes of testing, that communication may be delayed.  Individuals awaiting results should follow the proper quarantine guidelines.  Mercer Health MyChart is an easy to use, convenient online portal to manage your appointments, test results (such as COVID testing results) and messages with your doctor and care team. To learn more or to sign up: https://mychart.osu.edu/mercerhealth

Additional information can be found at https://mercer-health.com/covid-19-coronavirus-information.