(10-8-20) Facebook posting from his daughter –

(9-23-20) For Kevin Hines COVID 19 is a reality. According to Facebook updates from his wife (Mariann) Hines has been battling the virus for almost a month. He has been in Dayton at the Miami Valley Hospital during the majority of that time.

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The first update on Hines came from his wife on August 28th, almost one month ago –

Just an update on my husband Kevin, yesterday he couldn’t breath and was taken by ambulance to Coldwater.. they accessed him and decided he needed to go to Miami Valley Hospital, he tested positive for Covid. Since then they intubated him and trying to keep him comfortable as possible. They have now decided he is a candidate for plasma so later today he will get a plasma transplant. He is not out of the woods by any means. Please say a prayer for him and our family this virus is very nasty and everyone is affected differently.

On September 4th

One step forward and 2 steps back.

On September 17th

Visiting Kevin after not seeing him for 21 days. I thought he looked pretty good for what he has been through.

On September 22nd

So today was (a) crappy day got a phone call that Kevin had to have a scope put down in lungs and suction out gunk in his lungs, then his numbers all dropped, respiratory was trying to adjust his vent settings, he actually moved his eyes and looked at the nurse, moved his legs and arm so he was definitely aware that something was going on. Me and my kids met with the Pulmonologist who is also the Critical care doctor and she said his lungs are a mess but giving antibiotics and other meds to try and get him straightened up, the good thing is his other organs are all working great so that is a plus. They are trying to let him rest and let the vent do the work for him. Definitely a very trying day. Please continue to say a prayer for him.

The ups and down during this time continue, including family members not being able to visit Hines for several weeks due to protocol. During his treatment he has been sedated, on a ventilator, received plasma, oxygen, steroids, tube fed, blood pressure medicine, insulin drip, paralyzing med and proning him every 16-18 hours.

During this pandemic it has been an issue that has brought out many theories and concerns about COVID 19. For those not affected by the virus they have a different view, while those dealing with the virus see what it can do in a worse case scenario.

On September 9th his wife Mariann posted –

I really appreciate all the prayers from everyone and everyone following my updates daily!! I am sure if Kevin Hines knew all this was going on he would be surprised. Hoping for better days ahead!!

You can send Kevin a card of encouragement –

Miami Valley Hospital- Kevin Hines, Room # 4513, 1 Wyoming St, Dayton, Ohio 45409