Megan Sites

Megan was hospitalized in two different ICU’S over the last 21 days due to Covid-19.

Megan & Jameson tee

She was 29 weeks pregnant with her son, Jameson. She delivered Jameson and he will be spending several weeks in the NICU.

All Proceeds from this tee purchase will go directly to Megan and her family.

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UPDATE 7-21-20

WDTNYou Tube Video

UPDATE 5-7-20

Update from (Megan’s) mom

From my mom! Hello everyone. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while. Upon Megan M Sites arrival at home, she has been exhausted. Small little task wear her out so quick. Unfortunately when she sleeps she awakes so easy. Her swallowing is still causing her issues. She is working through many medical, physical, and emotional issues.

The staff from the Hospital were extra nice. A nurse from the hospital sent Megan a card and told her about the delivery of Jameson. This was so awesome.

Believe me as her mother, this illness is real. The stories she tells about what she went through trying to keep fighting are so awful. I never want my little girl to hurt again.

So on to baby Jameson,he has been moved to a room with a view. He is in a NICU step down floor. He enjoyed his bubble bath today with mommy and daddy. He was amazing with mommy feeding him from a bottle today for the first. We have some weeks to go yet, but he is weighing in at an amazing 4# 7oz.

Miss Reign is doing great knowing her baby brother is getting closer to being home.

Thank you everyone for thoughts, gifts, prayers and concern. We appreciate it all so much. If it wouldn’t had been for everyone with us, this miracle would never happen.

UPDATE 4-23-20

Update from (Megan’s) mom
Hello, just a quick update on Megan M Sites. She is home, doing good. She is extremely tired,overwhelmed, so amazed at the way the family, community and anyone who has thought and prayed for her and Donnie and Reign and sweet Jameson.

Just wanted to invite everyone to watch Good Morning America tomorrow, Friday, from 7:00a.m. until 9:00 a.m. for an interview.

The Sites family will soon have Jameson home and they will enjoy there family. Thank you so much for everything anyone has done from prayers,thoughts,food,gifts, and so many things I haven’t mentioned. Have a good night.

Thank you.

UPDATE 4-21-20

Welcome Home Megan!


From Shaun Jeffries –

I just want to take time and thank each and everyone of you that prayed followed helped with my sister being sick!

First of all I did not expect a simple story that my mom and I put together about my sister to go viral, I did not expect it to go on the news! I simply wanted my sisters story to be heard for her and people or pregnant women to learn from it should they contract the virus! My part of creating the story was to gain as many prayers possible for my sister as I was not sure she was going to survive! I was hoping for a prayer chain and that I got and I thank everyone of you for it! For the prayers to feeling like you were a part of the family for having faith and for keeping us as a family strong thru this time! I cannot possibly thank each and everyone of you for all you have done! Power of prayer is amazing, you all are amazing and god is good!

My sister is home and just when I thought God was not listening boy did he show me wrong! I am forever thankful and faith has kept this family going throughout this challenging time! All of you have also helped with the warm thoughts and your heartfelt prayers! It sure is amazing that we can all come together for one another! Thank you and much love to all!

My sister is finally home that alone is such a miracle! She looks as beautiful as she did prior to all this and I just cannot believe it! I cannot believe that she went from the complete bottom of the end to rise to the top! My nephew is as healthy as can be also and is continuing to grow stronger! My brother n law did a great job stepping up while my sis was out! All I can say is God bless you all and thank you from the bottom of my heart!


UPDATE 4-20-20

(Shaun Jefferies) Update from my mom
Hello. So tonight is a short night. This morning Megan M Sites, unfortunately, failed her swallowing test. The passing of this test is important for her discharge. She was disappointed because she is tired of ice chips. Her menu is growing and changing every for her first home meal. It has ranged from chicken and noodle soup to margaritas. She is still on The feeding tube, but sure dreams of a better list of favorites.

She had staples removed today. Therapy, walking and lots of socializing with family over FaceTime. All I know is my baby girl had better sleep well tonight because if things go as planned, she and everyone included is going to have an unbelievable day tomorrow.

That’s all I can say for now, just keep in mind prayers are amazing and working miracles. As for baby boy, he is doing amazing. A name is getting closer. Thank you for everything, please keep praying. We are so close to ending this crazy ride.. Thank you everyone!!

Good night.

UPDATE 4-19-20

(Shaun Jefferies) – Update from my mom on my sis
Hello,what a super Sunday. My morning was fantastic. My heart dropped when my phone rang and it was my baby girl Megan!

I was devastated to hear her crying. Of course I asked whats wrong, oh my? It was so hard when she asked me what day was my baby born. She was confused, just wasn’t quite sure. Bless her heart. We talked and got everything all figured out.
So as the day progressed, she over all has walked 6 ” laps”, and is off the oxygen. This is amazing. She has been working on her therapy and speech. She is making such great improvements. I am so proud of her. Prayers are so amazing. Won’t be long this tough cookie will be back home holding her babies.
Buddy is doing great. The little guy is up to 3# 9oz again. This is amazing. If anyone ever doubted the power of prayers, I beg to differ. Thank you so much for all the amazing prayers and thoughts. Have a good night.
I got to talk to my sister again tonight again just kept making her laugh! How we normally are together!
UPDATE 4-18-20

(Shaun Jefferies)

So my sister seemed so much better today! Everyday she is getting stronger! She tested negative today for the coronavirus which is great news! I got to talk to her again! I believe I had her laughing most of the conversation which was great as well! Not much more news than that rest and recovery is where we are at for now!

God is great and all of you are also with all those prayers pushing all this! The power of prayer can make miracles! It’s happening as we speak!

UPDATE 4-17-20

Quick update on my sister (Shaun Jefferies)
Great news! I got to see my baby sis on FaceTime!

From my mother:
Hello everyone, hope your having a good night. We are definitely.
My baby Megan M Sites sat up in a chair for approximately 2 hours. She is more alert, still groggy and whisper talking. It’s a struggle to talk. She still has pneumonia in both lungs and the virus in both lungs. Her pain has lessened some but very sore. She is still on oxygen and a feeding tube. I think she is doing awesome and looks beautiful. She is still swelled but beautiful. She is one tough cookie for sure.
Baby brother is doing great. So he is off the PIC line. He is on the Cpap and feeding tube. He was laying on his belly and had a sleeper (cozies as his sister calls them) on. The best part is that his Daddy was able to call Buddy’s Mommy and FaceTime. So Mommy got to see little brother. They are doing so well.
We couldn’t have gotten through this much of the ride if it wouldn’t have been for God, the medical team, prayers from family,friends, new friends, friends of friends, coworkers, neighbors and the list goes on. She,he, they are such a miracle. I thank everyone for helping with our miracles so far to this point! I thank God!
Night everyone, rest well.

UPDATE 4-17-20

Update on my sister (Shaun Jefferies)

My sister made wonderful strides today and we as a family thought we would share it with everyone who is concerned and cares!
From my mom
Hello. I am very excited to post this tonight. So today when I got to my son in laws for our video chat with Megan M Sites nurses, I was shocked. It was my baby girl Megan M Sites. She was so very groggy, but she was awake.

She looked beautiful. I felt for a long time that I would never get to see her to today she whispered” love you.” She waved her finger tips, she nodded her head, and she shed tears. She made kiss sounds to little miss Reign. It was a magnificent view.

She does have a blood clot in her Arm and they are watching and checking on this. Virus patients have a strong chance of blood clots. Therapy was started today. She is in slow motion with her movements. She is making good progress.

Reign “read her baby brother a book” tonight over the phone. Anyone that knows her, knows she is gabby! He is going to hear lots of stories. Dad is doing great tonight. It’s been a very blessed day. Thank you so much for every thought and prayer.

UPDATE 4-16-20

Update on my sister (Shaun Jefferies)

Hello everyone. So an awesome update tonight. This morning they took Megan M Sites off the ventilator. She is now on oxygen only.

Throughout the day she has been very anxious. When she wakes from the lighter sedation she is still so agitated. Let’s imagine, you wake and know no one. You don’t know or understand the tubes, wires and restraints on your arms. Your eyes are continuously matted shut from them being shut so long. So when you wake you have to work to see. Your thoughts are fuzzy because of the sedation.

You just had c section to a baby that you didn’t know you were having yet. What’s that, your baby is in a NICU in a different town and hospital.

So now let’s move on, fever ? Yes running fever but good news it has dropped down today. Your vocal chords don’t work because the ventilator has laid on your chords to long. That’s a healing process. Now picture your feeding tube having to be changed to your nose because you need to learn how to eat and swallow again.

Now to let you know, she is to meet with physical and occupational therapy. In the next few day therapy will take place. Keep your fingers crossed and pray she doesn’t get to upset when she wakes. Her blood pressure raises and breathing struggles. If this continues she will be back on ventilator.

We got a picture of her today. This was awesome to see her.

Daddy went to see buddy today. When he and Uncle Brad Jeffries go to visit, they are to not where cologne or smelly stuff or deodorant. His sense of smell is not developed. His sense of feel is not developed so you can’t stroke him anywhere. Overall he is doing great.

Thank you so much for the prayers.

UPDATE 4-14-20

Update on my sister (Shaun Jefferies)
Hello everyone. Just a tidbit on Megan M Sites. She was running a fever last night and today. Not sure where or why. The Infectionist unit is working hard to find where else in her body there could be infection. Once they find this they can change her antibiotics.
The sedation change is going along well. She is on the lowest possible setting on the ventilator she can be on. Soon they can take her ventilator out when she can stay alert longer.

The nurses have been amazing at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center. They have music playing for her. Family pictures hanging up. A picture of the baby. We got to see a picture of her this morning. She was sleeping. She still has so many tubes. She is hanging in there. She is a tough lady.

Speaking of tough, Buddy is already turning into a chowhound. He is up to 16 cc of milk already. He is going to be a Celina Bulldog for sure.

Poor Reign shut her finger in the door today and cried so hard for her mommy. It broke my heart so bad. She wanted mommy, but daddy was amazing with her and dried her tears. This broke my heart even more. He is doing an amazing job.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers. We are getting so close for this ride to be over.

UPDATE 4-13-20
Update from Megan’s mom today

Hi everyone. So an awesome update on Megan M Sites.

First though I want to send a couple of thank yous. Thank you to her 3 older brothers Shaun Jeffries, Derik Jeffries and Brad Jeffries. These boys have roughed and toughed her up as a little sister. They are a big part of making her strong!! Thank you guys and your wives and all the kids for also stepping up in this horrific situation and helping in everything and every way. I take pride in how close we are and this just goes to show we truly are.

So onward, Megan M Sites is doing amazing. She is off the ECMO machine and it is moved out of her room. This also eliminates two tubes, in her neck and groin. The goal now is to change her sedation. The one she is on us a deeper sedation, when she wakes from this she has severe panic. (Only natural) Hence the wrist restraints. So the new sedation which will take a day or two or three to get in and out of system. Once on the mild sedation they will take her off of the vent so she can contribute toward the recovery.

So she is a fighter and boy do we get told that. She is so close to that last hill on the roller coaster. Once she gets there, then we have new things to fight. They say the emotions are going to be a fight like her lungs have been. The loss of muscle tone is another fight. She is tough and with continued prayers will get through this.

So Buddy and Daddy had a great playdate. Donnie Sites held his son today. Buddy gripped his finger. Daddy changed two diapers. He is a pro at this.!! Both mommy and buddy are healing and improving in two different towns and two different hospitals. Doesn’t it seem amazing that this is happening at the same time? I think there is a connection here more than just mommy and baby. God has been so good. Thank you for every amazing prayer and thought.

UPDATE 4-12-20
Update from Megan’s mom today on
Megan M Sites
Happy Easter Everyone. It is a wonderful day. Megan M Sites has done amazing things.
She is off the ECMO machine.she is on the ventilator still,but at 50%. Still on oxygen. She did receive plasma before she got to Cincinnati. She has had a chest tube removed but still has an iv in her neck, a tube in other side of neck, a tube in her groin.
She had a BM today, we all know that is a positive. They pampered her today and she got a sponge bath and her hair washed and a massage. She is one tough cookie.
I find it amazing that the nurses are working and helping her as far as pumping and dumping her breast milk so she will be able to breast feed Baby when they get together. Anyone that knows Megan, knows this is a huge accomplishment for her and the baby.
Meanwhile back in Dayton Miami Valley, Baby is doing giant leaps. He is crying, moving, eating donated breast milk and pooping. He has passed with a negative result on 2 test for the virus. He is doing great. Coming out of sedation from mommy and should be able
to meet daddy tomorrow.
His big sister Reign had a good Easter. She gets so excited to talk about baby brother.
Thank you so much for the prayers. Each one is helping for my baby girl to get healthy and home to her baby and her awesome husband. Donnie is a great dad and a terrific husband. His plate is so full but he keeps on going. Thank you for Everything!!!
Megan’s mommy


UPDATE 4-11-20 – 10:47pm

From Shaun Jefferies –

Quick update on my sister.

She is day to day at this point on the ECMO machine. They did say they were going to cap the machine off today to see how she does on just the ventilator. Not thinking she will totally be able to be off machine yet but she’s headed in the right direction so doctor wants to see how her body does. Which is amazing and she will need many prayers for this!

Baby boy is no longer intubated and is doing great with nasal oxygen.

They are both so strong but still need ongoing prayers!! Thank you all for your prayers and support for our Megan and her sweet baby boy!

UPDATE 4-10-20 – 515pm

From Shaun Jefferies –


Hello everyone. As all of you know I am proud to say we have another family member a handsome little boy. He came yesterday. He is tiny but oh so mighty. He has had improvements just overnight.

My brother is there overseeing things as his wife is a nurse! Daddy cannot go see him as he is quarantined until Sunday! He is going to be at Miami Valley for a little while. He is perfect, he will be tested for the corona virus at his 24hour mark.

Out of respect to mommy he has to wait for his name. His mommy was transferred on to University of Cincinnati Hospital. She is on an ECMO machine that is keeping her going. She is showing improvements today! Thank you lord! The Dr. Is optimistic she will pull through this. She is tough, she is a fighter, she is a mommy.

Thank you so much for all your thoughts and prayers. Please do not stop praying! This mom and my sister needs to see her newborn child! Will keep everyone posted! Again thank you all for the support!


(4-10-20) Megan Sites (27), a RN from Mercer County, is currently in a battle with COVID 19. A Go Fund Me site has been set-up to help her and her family with hospital expenses.

Updated on Facebook from her brother Shaun Jefferies –

So this morning started out with a very sick sister, pregnant, in Miami Valley on a ventilator with the corona virus. After more tears, and many tiresome, hours, I am an uncle again. He is 3#9oz and 17inches long. He has dark curly hair. He is hooked up to everything imaginable. He is a cutie.

Megan Megan M Sites is just now arriving at University of Cincinnati Hospital. She is on an ecmo machine to keep her alive.The easy part is over. Now her fight is just starting. Thank you everyone. I, we, she is so tired and numb. Thank you for praying for my sister and please continue! So on this roller coaster ride, were climbing another hill.

Thank you!

According to the Go Fund Me page –

Our 27-year-old fun-loving, beautiful daughter, wife, mother, granddaughter, aunt, sister, niece, friend, nurse, Megan Michelle Sites needs healing prayers right now more than ever. She is a strong soul and has a lot of fight in her! Megan has contracted the Covid-19 Coronavirus from an unknown source and is now fighting for her life on the ventilator. She is alone. No visitors are allowed. Daily phone call updates are through immediate family with the nurses/doctors. We need to continue to pray for the healing hands of the nurses and doctors caring for Megan and her growing baby boy. We need to pray Megan can get through this so she can come home safely and healthy. She needs to come home to her little girl, Reign Michelle, and her husband, Donny.