From the Facebook Page – A Protest Near You

(9-19-20) A Rockford (Illinois) Public Schools middle school made a choice to take down a bulletin board put up by an Eishenhower Middle School class featuring ‘All Lives Matter’ this past week.

Eisenhower Principal Jeff Carlson said the bulletin board was the result of a classroom activity designed to ‘help students get to know one another‘, he released the following statement –

The message conveyed in the bulletin board does not represent the beliefs of Eisenhower Middle School or RPS 205.

The staff member understands the concern with the statement used. It was never this staff member’s intention to take a political side or sway students to take a political side, just as it was not the intention to cause any sort of uproar, offense or disappointment.

In 2016 the Auburn (one of four RPS 205 schools) football team made national news via a viral tweet while kneeling during the playing of the National Anthem.

From a Rockford Register Star story in 2016

And Rockford Public Schools officials made sure they didn’t say anything, canceling scheduled interviews this afternoon with the six Knights who took a knee and bowed their heads during the national anthem before Friday’s 31-7 home win over Belvidere North. A school district news release did say the students broke no RPS or NIC-10 bylaws, rules or guidelines and wouldn’t be punished.

They were allowed to continue to kneel in protest, the opposite result that the bulletin board was given before being taken down.

Auburn Football Coach Dan Appino told the Rockford Register-Starin 2017:

“My wife sits at the top of the stands and almost every game there are people on the other side looking at our kids to see whether they are standing or kneeling instead of paying attention to the anthem themselves. At some point, we need to look at what defines patriotism.

“If we don’t allow civil protest, doesn’t that mean the next option is uncivil protest?”