CELINA- As of September 18, 2020, the Mercer County Health District (MCHD) reports 972 confirmed cases, 71 probable cases, 864 recovered cases, 70 pending cases, 3,256 negative cases, 8 hospitalizations, 16 deaths, and 2 probable deaths of COVID-19. There have been 2 confirmed cases who have passed away due to causes other than COVID-19. Currently, there are 88 active cases of COVID-19 in Mercer County.

Active Mercer County Outbreak Updates-

Celina Manor: There are 18 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Celina Manor. There are 12 employees and 6 residents. Of those 18 confirmed cases, 11 are active. The active cases include 5 employees and 6 residents.
Briarwood: There are 35 confirmed COVID-19 cases at Briarwood. There are 17 employees and 18 residents. Of those 35 confirmed cases 10 are active. The active cases include 1 employee and 9 residents.