(8-27-20) Sheriff Jeff Grey announced today that his office is increasing its presence in the northwest portion of Mercer County, specifically SR 118, SR 707, and SR 49. A recent increase in traffic crashes, 15 since November 2019, were due to driver inattention, speeding, and stop sign violations.

Deputies will be assigned to these areas and have a zero tolerance for stop sign violations.

“I want everyone to understand. If you get stopped for a stop sign violation, you will receive a citation, no warnings will be issued, the zero tolerance on stop sign violations will be county wide.”

Increased enforcement of speed laws will occur on SR 118 from Frahm Pike to Rockford, on SR 49 from Chatt to the Van Wert County line, and on SR 707 from US 33 to the State Line. We have had far too many crashes and injuries on these roads.

He further advised that deputies will be working overtime to target stop sign violations and speed violations. The goal of this enforcement blitz is to reduce crashes and injuries.

Sheriff Grey reminds citizens to buckle up and slow down. The life you save may be your own.