(8-20-20) The Ohio Auditor of State’s office is participating in a bi-partisan, multi-state project to examine COVID-19 testing data. This undertaking uses a national COVID-19 Data Quality Audit template, which was developed by auditors in five states to examine the consistency of COVID-19 data collection, reporting and monitoring systems within and across states.

Our office is seeking tips from individuals who have received notices from the State or County Department of Health, or a medical provider with what they perceive as erroneous COVID-19 test results. This could include the following:

Receiving test results that were later reversed or
Receiving results for tests the individual did not take.

Information from these individual cases will allow auditors to examine the reliability and accuracy of COVID-19 data reporting procedures in the state of Ohio.

Please fill out the form ONLY if you have received erroneous test results and are able to provide supporting documentation (email(s) or letters(s) related to your test results.

If needed, a member of the AOS staff may contact you to verify your case and request additional information needed for our audit procedures.

By participating in this survey and data collection, you are giving the Auditor of State permission to review your test results.