Columbus (7-29-20)  – Auditor of State Keith Faber today announced that Ohio will participate in a bi-partisan multi-state project to examine case numbers of COVID-19. This undertaking uses a national COVID-19 Data Quality Audit template, which was developed by auditors in five states to create a consistent and shared COVID-19 national data reporting and monitoring system.

Auditor Faber

“Ohio is a leader in responding to the COVID-19 outbreak and Ohioans should have every reason to trust the data being reported by state officials. By confirming the accuracy of Ohio’s data and examining best practices from other states, the Auditor’s office will provide valuable feedback to key policy makers and increased confidence for all Ohioans on how to best mitigate the spread and impact of this virus. We look forward to working with the Governor and the administration in a way that does not unnecessarily burden workers responding to the pandemic.”

The audit framework was conceived through collaboration with State Auditor offices from five states: Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, Ohio and Pennsylvania and with assistance from the National State Auditors Association. The questions were designed so that comparisons among states can be made after all reviews are completed. The intent is for states to be able to assess their own data gathering processes and use of applied data analytics to mitigate virus spread, as well as to gain understanding from approaches taken by other states.

Participating states will begin work on the project by this fall, and each state will release results when its review is complete.