(7-29-20) Following item comes from the Mercer County Health District Facebook page.

This afternoon the Mercer County Health District (MCHD) was made aware of a situation regarding an individual who had received a letter from the MCHD that referenced a positive COVID-19 test and explaining that the person was expected to self-isolate at home for 10 days.

Earlier Facebook posting that led to this statement-

Had a nice visit with Jason menchofer today. I received a letter from their office today that they had received the results of my test and I was positive for COVID. Only problem is I was never tested. Jason apologized as the letter was not accurate. I was off work for a fever but declined testing so the recommendation to self quarantine etc.

there have been several other reports of people stopping at fairgrounds to get tested but not willing to wait for 2 hours they leave without being tested. However a few days later they get a letter stating the results of their test are positive. This letter may have come from mercer health…..

Jason would like to know about these situations so the record keeping can be accurate. Thanks Jason. Stay free mercer county.


The MCHD wants to clarify the above situation. The health care provider noted symptoms consistent with COVID-19 but the individual refused COVID-19 testing, so the doctor diagnosed a probable case of COVID-19. The process followed by MCHD was correct.

The problem was that the MCHD sent out the same letter that is used for confirmed cases, which states in the first paragraph that, “the health department has received your positive test results”. This was an unfortunate oversight on our part, and immediate changes have been made to prevent it from happening again.

Mercer County’s confirmed case count remains at 470, as this individual was never counted as a confirmed case. The MCHD is dedicated in our efforts to provide accurate information, and we are interested in knowing about and correcting any mistakes we may make in the process.