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Photo above provided by Totally Promotional  Custom Face Masks by Totally Promotional

(7-22-20) Today Ohio Governor Mike DeWine announced that a mandatory mask order will be in place starting Thursday night at 6pm. Apparently Buckeyes will be safe from the virus until that time.

DeWine in a tweet said – Wearing masks will make a difference. It will determine what our fall looks like. We want kids to go back to school, we want to see sports — to do that it’s very important that all Ohioans wear a mask.

As for enforcement the Darke County Sheriff’s Office posted the following on Facebook-


Ohio’s neighbor to the west will have a Mandatory Mask Order starting on Monday in Indiana –

Masks will be required for those 8 years and older and in indoor public spaces, schools, commercial businesses, transportation services and outdoor public spaces where social distancing is not possible.

Holcomb says- 

“Mask police will not be patrolling streets.”

But adds it will be a Class B misdemeanor if you break the mandate.