CELINA- As of June 19, 2020, the Mercer County Health District (MCHD) reports 254 confirmed cases, 208 recovered cases, 26 pending cases, 1,003 negative cases, 5 hospitalizations, and 8 deaths of COVID-19.


The MCHD reports –

254th confirmed case is a female in the age range of 20-30 years and is self-isolating at home.

Mercer County Outbreak Updates:

  • Cooper Farms’ St. Henry Processing Plant: There are 65 confirmed COVID-19 cases, 0 pending cases, and 53 negative cases in Mercer County. Of the 65 Mercer County confirmed cases, there is only 1 active case. There are 10 confirmed cases from surrounding counties. Of those 10 confirmed cases from surrounding counties, there are only 3 active cases.


  • The Gardens of St. Henry: There are 31 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are 14 confirmed staff members, 1 previous staff member, 15 residents, and 1 previous resident. Of the 31 confirmed cases, there is only 1 active case.


  • The Gardens of Celina: There are 25 confirmed cases of COVID-19. There are 17 residents & 8 employees.

As of today, amusement parks, casinos, racinos, indoor & outdoor water parks, and outdoor theaters all reopened with health and safety restrictions.  You can find specific guidelines at: https://coronavirus.ohio.gov/wps/portal/gov/covid-19/responsible-restart-ohio/Sector-Specific-Operating-Requirements/.

MCHD wants to remind the public that face coverings are required in many situations.  The mandate to wear cloth face coverings applies to employers and employees at Ohio workplaces. These include business, manufacturing, distribution, consumer, retail, service, and general office environments.

Face coverings are required while employers and employees are on the job unless any one of the following applies:

  • An employee is prohibited by law or regulation from wearing a face covering while on the job
  • A face covering is not advisable for health purposes
  • Wearing a face covering on the job is against documented industry best practices
  • Wearing a face covering violates a company’s safety policies
  • There is a practical reason a face covering cannot be worn
  • An employee is working alone in a designated workspace.