Kevin Howard

(5-29-20)  Kevin Howard (33) of St. Marys is being held in the Mercer County Adult Detention Facility after being arrested by the Celina Police Department and is waiting to appear in Celina Municipal Court.

  • April 3rd – assaulted a woman by choking her and striking her in the face several times at a residence in Celina.
  • April 17th – used his brother’s debit card, without permission, and withdrew $200 from the People’s Bank Company in Celina.
  • April 30th and May 7th – stole a combined total of over $1,400 worth of tools and accessories from the Celina Walmart .
  • May 23rd –  stole around $75 worth of merchandise from Menards in Celina.
  • May 24th – resisted arrest by running on foot from the police when they told him he was under arrest

Howard is presently being held on just one of the above counts, a Misdemeanor-1st Degree, Assault knowingly harming a victim, Bail Amount: $50,000.00 Bond Type: Ten Percent.