(5-8-20) Last May little did George Erastus Moore realize that a song and video he did, ‘Howlin in the Dog House‘, would help many with the pandemic blues. He shared his song and video again earlier this week.

The video and bluegrass style song will put a smile on your face and once you hear it, you’ll be singing it all day long.  If you don’t smile, listen to it again.

What makes the song is the artist, George E. Moore, who is a lawyer who just happens to be the City of Celina’s Law Director.  Moore sits in City Council Chamber with other city officials during council meetings, he doesn’t sing during those meetings, but it might be time for him to start.

Moore, who also has a private law practice, can be found at any local open mic night and during the pandemic he is part of the music team at Celina’s Bethany Church that you can watch on Sunday mornings on You Tube. George takes his singing seriously and has done some studio work in Nashville.

So the next time you see George….instead of saying hello…give him a HOWL!