(2-7-20) Chris Gibbs has decided to challenge Ohio 4th Congressional District State Representative Jim Jordan as an independent.

From his launch video –

I am running for Congress in Ohio to bring an end to the division and dysfunction in Washington.

On his web site –

Politicians from both parties have let us down and left us behind. Most of us here in Ohio are caught in the middle. We’re tired of being swept up in partisan bickering because we aren’t on either side of the political extremes. What we need is an independent voice, not a party voice. Someone who will listen, someone who will respond, someone who will understand.

With his announcement it will be a three candidate race in November. The Democratic candidate will be decided in the March primary between three candidates Shannon Freshour, Mike Larsen, and Jeffrey Sites.

Gibbs told the Toledo Blade

“The math is very clear in this district.The way that district has been gerrymandered, there’s no mathematical path at all for a Democrat to win.”