Tim Stinebaugh
Tom Stinebaugh

(12-5-19) Wapakoneta Mayor Tom Stinebaugh is currently under investigation by the Ohio Attorney General’s Office for unspecified ethics violations.

Ohio Attorney General’s Office spokesman Steve Irwintold the Lima News

“What I can tell you is I understand that there was an ethics commission inquiry. As a result of that, a common pleas judge appointed our special prosecutions section to be the prosecutor in a case.”

Details of what they are investigating haven’t been released.

Stinebaugh was re-elected this November for his 2nd term in office, he was first elected in 2015..

In January 2014, Stinebaugh sued the City of Wapakoneta Safety Services Director William Rains and fire Chief Kendall Krites in federal court, alleging retaliation for exercising his First Amendment right to free speech. He was fired in 2012, which he claimed followed statements he made in 2011 to three members of city council about the desire by the fire chief to purchase a new engine truck.

Stinebaugh reached a settlement with the city over his federal lawsuit in 2016 while he was serving his 1st term.

The settlement included being reinstated to  and retire from the Wapakoneta Fire Department with full benefits. He will also receive a monetary award of $107,382.50 as a compromise of his claims of emotional distress and compensatory damages.