(11-19-19) The Celina City Schools Board of Education passed a resolution last night to proceed with a bond issue and tax levy for an Ohio Facilities Construction Commission project for the March 17, 2020 ballot.

The levy will all bevoted on as one issue and will be for the following funding –

  • 7.4 mills (maximum of 38 years)
  • .5 mill maintenance levy
  • total $.74 per hundred dollars of evaluation
  • bonds would be issued for $69, 246,475

Building plan would include:

  • New Pre K-4 added on to the current 5-6 intermediate building
  • Primary and elementary schools would be demolished
  • Where primary building  is currently housed a new 7-12 building will be built
  • Ed Complex will torn down to the Fieldhouse, which will be saved
  • Portions of the current high school (added in 1984) would be saved, administration offices and head start would be housed
  • former Tri Star classes  housed at the HS would be the new bus garage

celina school levy.jpg

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