Christopher Dickerson

(10-14-19) Christopher Adam Dickenson (34) was arrested by the St. Marys Police Department Sunday night after 9pm in St. Marys.

The St Marys PD arrived at the Certified Oil on East Spring Street after a call was received of a man reported to be in possession with two knives.  When officers found Dickenson he told them he had been on the run from Cridersville for several days. Officers  after talking with Dickenson realized that he was trying to manipulate a suicide by cop. After an hour of negotiations officers were close enough to finally get close enough to him to shoot him with a tazer. He was taken into custody and is presently being housed in the Auglaize County Detention Center.

Dickenson faces a 4th degree felony charge of assault, plus a 1st degree misdemeanor charge of inducing panic, a 2nd  degree misdemeanor charge of possessing drug abuse instruments and a 4th degree misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct.