(8-23-19) Do you have unused, expired, or unwanted OTC or prescription drugs in your home? Now you have another option of proper disposal to help keep our community and environment safe.

As a project of the CHIP (Community Health Improvement Plan)’s Substance Abuse committee, Mercer County recently received 200 FREE Deterra ® drug deactivation pouches for distribution to the community!

These drug deactivation pouches are intended to be used for the safe and environmentally sound disposal of unused and unwanted medications, including opioids and other narcotics. The pouch is simply thrown into the trash afterwards. Mercer County was awarded these through Ohio’s SafeRx Regional Collaborative. The Deterra® drug deactivation pouch is fast, safe and easy to use and it works on pills, patches, liquids, creams and film.

This is an ADDITIONAL RESOURCE to the 24/7 medication drop boxes that are currently at the Mercer County Sherriff’s Office and Coldwater Police Department! Use whichever option is most convenient for you!

Currently, these FREE deactivation pouches can be picked up at Foundations Behavioral Health Services (Celina), Kaup Pharmacy (Fort Recovery), and the Mercer County Ohio Health District (Celina). There will also be distribution of pouches today (Friday) and 8/28/19 (Wednesday) at 12:15 pm at the Mercer County Council on Aging, just before bingo. Mercer Health also has some they are distributing to patients in need. These will be dispersed until our supply is out. Thanks to all these agencies for partnering in this collaborative.

Questions, please contact Laura Sanford, Prevention Specialist at 419-584-1000 or lauras@foundationsbhs.org