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(8-19-19) MAV Youth Mentoring (formerly Big Brothers Big Sisters) is about to kick off the 7th year of its Lunch Club program.  Mentors are needed for the program.  In this program, volunteers would meet with a child from area elementary and middle schools for lunch and activities twice a month.  This year we will have programs at Celina Primary, Coldwater Elementary and Middle School, Delphos Middle School, Ft. Recovery Elementary and Middle School, Parkway Elementary and Middle School, St. Marys Primary, St. Henry Elementary, Van Wert Middle School, and Wapakoneta Middle School.  This is the first year to have the program in St. Henry.

Each visit the Mentors spend time with their Youth during the child’s lunch.  They spend time talking and getting to know each other and have some free time together.  During the free time, the activities could include making a craft, playing a board game, building a model, or playing on the playground.  The program will begin in September and run through the school year.

Mentors must be able to meet with a child twice a month for 30-45 min (depending on school) during the students’ lunch.  Volunteers will be able to decide which day they would like to attend and the grade level of their Youth.  Volunteers will bring their own lunch or eat at another time. MAV Youth Mentoring will supply a box of items to use during the free time activities.

The Youth are students from Celina Primary (grades 1-2); Coldwater Elementary & Middle School (grades 1-6); Delphos Middle School (grades 5-8), Ft. Recovery Elementary & Middle School (grades K-5); Parkway Elementary & Middle School (grades 1-6); St. Henry Elementary (grades 1-4); St. Marys Primary (grades 1-2); Van Wert Middle School (grades 6-8); and Wapakoneta Middle School (grades 5-7).  These are students that it is thought could use a special friend and someone to spend time with them, YOU!  They are looking forward to spending time with a special friend on a consistent basis.  We do not want to turn any students away because of a lack of mentors.

Youth in the program in previous years have said that they liked having a Mentor spend time with them and that their Mentor made them happy.  The Mentors said that they looked forward to seeing their Youths’ smiles and liked knowing their Youth looked forward to their coming.  Teachers of Youth said their students couldn’t wait for Lunch Club days and that they saw positive changes in their students.

To participate in this program or for more information, please contact MAV Youth Mentoring at 419-584-2447 or e-mail:  Everyone can make a difference in the life of a child.  Contact MAV Youth Mentoring today!