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(7-3-19) Grand Lake Health System has partnered with the Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office to remove over 2,100 lbs. of unused, expired, or otherwise unwanted medications from our community over the past eight years. We remain committed to combatting the growing epidemic of prescription drug abuse by providing various collection events throughout the community.

In addition to the partnership described above, a permanent MedSafe medication collection and disposal receptacle has been installed in the Main Lobby of Joint Township District Memorial Hospital.

Tyler Kroeger, Director of Pharmacy

 “We often receive questions from patients regarding the disposal of their expired or unwanted medications. We’re happy to provide our community with another safe and environmentally friendly solution for discarding these unused medications.”

This receptacle is approved for the disposal of unused or expired prescription and OTC medication daily between the hours of 6:00am and 9:00pm.

For more information and questions, contact Tyler Kroger at 419-394-9517.