(7-3-19) Auglaize County Sheriff Al Solomon released the names and charges against 12 individuals arrested this week on numerous drug charges. The Grand Lake Task Force and local officers went out Monday morning with Grand Jury Indictments in hand and began the process of making the arrests.  The arrests are a result of a lengthy investigation by undercover officers with the Task Force. Agencies involved in the cases and arrests are the Grand Lake Task Force, Auglaize County Sheriff’s Office, Mercer County Sheriff’s Office, Auglaize County Prosecutor’s Office, Wapakoneta Police Department, St. Mary’s Police Department, Cridersville Police Department, New Bremen Police Department, Coldwater Police Department, Shawnee Twp. Police Department, and Spencerville Police Department. Several indictments are still pending. During the operation several more investigations were opened from information and evidence collected.

Sheriff Solomon stated he is happy with the amount of arrest and the hard work of the law enforcement officers.

Vanessa E. M. Denney
Vanessa Denney and Casey Hammond

Those arrested are:

Adam L. Cornett, St. Mary’s –        One Count Trafficking Methamphetamines,  One Count Trafficking LSD

Aubrey M. Poppe, St. Mary’s –       Two Counts Trafficking Methamphetamines

Vanessa E. M. Denney, Celina –   One Count Trafficking Methamphetamines

Justin M. Watts, St. Mary’s –          Two Counts Trafficking Methamphetamines

Casey W. Hammond, Coldwater – One Count Trafficking Methamphetamines, Two counts trafficking LSD

Landon S. Lightle, Cridersville –    One Count Trafficking K-2

Shelly L. Rockwood, St. Mary’s – One Count Possession of Methamphetamines, One Count Failure to Appear

Zoe N. Moorman, Wapakoneta –   Two Counts Trafficking Hash

Madison N. Flanigan, Wapakoneta – Two Counts Trafficking Dangerous Drugs

Austin D. Keysor, Cridersville –      One Count Trafficking K-2, Two counts Aggravated Trafficking K-2, One Count corrupting another with drugs

Erica E. Keysor, Cridersville –        One Count Trafficking K-2

Tyler M.S. Bradford, Cridersville – Two Counts Trafficking K-2

Julia C Schoonover, Wapakoneta – Two counts trafficking Methamphetamine

Also located was

Jazmin J Rhoads, St. Mary’s –       Auglaize County Warrant

Also, over the past two months information and intelligence that was received from local departments and through the Grand Lake Task Force has resulted in four search warrants in which drugs and money was located. With the assistance of St. Mary’s Police Department and Wapakoneta Police Department the following was arrested:

Adam L Cornett, St. Mary’s –         One Count Possession of Methamphetamines,  One Count Tampering with evidence,  One Count Drug abuse instruments and One Count Drug Paraphernalia

Ronald L Miller, Wapakoneta –      One Count Possession of Methamphetamines

Cody Roberts, Spencerville –         One Count possession of Methamphetamines, One Count Possession of Heroin