(5-22-19) Mercer Health held the annual Volunteer Appreciation Banquet to celebrate the accomplishments of the members of the Volunteer Association of Mercer Health on April 5 at Romer’s Catering in Saint Henry.

The evening began with an invocation delivered by Sister Martha Bertke and included a brief board of directors meeting and financial update. Guest speakers for this year’s event included Mercer Health CEO Lisa Klenke and Mercer Health CFO Jon Dingledine.

Karen Perts, Director of Volunteer Services, said-

“We are so grateful to all of our volunteers for donating their time to give back to the community. Our volunteers play a very important role in the day-to-day operations of Mercer Health.”

Awards for 2018 include:

Most Hours in 2018

  • Oliver Wendel—652 hours

Most Hours to Date

  • Dorothy Bruns—5,069.75 hours

5,000 Hours

  • Dorothy Bruns- 5,069.75 hours

4,000 Hours

  • Irene Seitz-4,365.75 hours

3,000 Hours

  • Oliver Wendel-3,240 hours

2,000 Hours

  • Ruth Bettinger- 2,068 hours
  • Janet Hummel- 2,068.75 hours
  • Linda Thieman-2,050.25

1,000 Hours

  • Ralph Miller- 1,059 hours
  • Rita Snirder- 1,092.75 hours
  • Velma Spangler- 1,003.50 hours
  • Jan Steinbrunner- 1,034 hours

500 Hours

  • Dorothy Bills- 530 hours
  • Barb Eischen- 516.75 hours
  • Bernice Koesters- 575.50 hours

250 Hours

  • Reverend Charles Boomhower-284 hours
  • Chris Cornyn-280 hours
  • Mary Cornyn- 277.75 hours
  • Barb Delzeith- 274.50 hours
  • Roberta Dunham- 300 hours
  • Marlene Fisher- 324.50 hours
  • Lois Gaerke- 310.50 hours
  • Calli Hemmelgarn- 269.50 hours
  • Kathy Hoelscher- 275.75 hours
  • Paige Hoyng- 323.25 hours
  • Nancy Mueller- 251 hours
  • Janelle Tumbush- 266.25 hours
  • Judy Wilson- 295.25 hours

Mercer Health offers a unique variety of volunteer opportunities to match any interest and is always looking for community members to join the Volunteer Association. If you are interested in more information, contact Karen Perts at 419-678-5132 or