wood work

ST. MARYS, OH (4-20-19) – On Friday, May 24, 2019, a new double exhibition, featuring award-winning artists, Pat Rayman and Ray Feltz, opens with a public reception between 6:00 to 8:00 pm at Arts Place Auglaize/Mercer Center. Goers are encouraged to engage in dialog with the artists on their works as well as savor the complimentary refreshments.
Rayman is a Van Wert County resident, who has taught art education in the Ohio public school and higher education sectors for over 34 years, but currently teaches art classes at Arts Place Auglaize/Mercer Center and the Wassenberg Art Center in Van Wert; will be exhibiting her watercolor and acrylic artworks.
Retired printer from Reynolds and Reynolds, Celina artist Feltz’s open segmented wood turning artworks has taken him across the country as a member of the American Association of Wood Turners. He works with tiny pieces of wood, sometimes over 4,000 pieces, hand gluing the pieces in intricate patterns and then turns them on a wood lathe to create his works.

“Segmented woodturning is an exercise in patience. This is what I do. I get from it more than I give. It’s my release and my pleasure.” The approximately 3-inch tall egg shown, on the left, with the ribbon pattern is made up of 2,352 pieces of two South American exotic woods (Redheart and Yellowheart) and holly glued together in 49 layers.

For more information, including current or upcoming activities at Arts Place Auglaize/Mercer Center, contact Heather Dowell at 419.394.0707 or email: hdowell@artsland.org. The show remains on view through Friday, June 21, 2019.