The top six finalists were Julia Beyke, Alexis Heath, John Knapke, Madison Kroeger, Matt Gaerke, and Riley Pearson

(3-11-19) The Mercer County Right to Life sponsored their annual Oratory Contest that featured 13 contestants. The top six finalists presented on March 10th at the Coldwater Hospital meeting room to a panel of three judges (Dee Greishop, Lisa Heckman, and John Fullenkamp).

  • 3rd place: Alexis Heath receiving a $500 dollar cash prize
  • 2nd place: Riley Pearson receiving a $750 dollar cash prize
  • 1st place went to Julia Beyke receiving a $1,000 dollar cash prize

The finalists who did not place received a $250 dollar cash prize, and all contestants who submitted a video entry received a 100 dollar cash prize.

Fullenkamp Video Productions recorded the presentations.