Pictured left to right: Morgan Post, Mercer Health community outreach coordinator; Rachel Steinke, RDN, LD, MFN, Mercer Health Weight Management Center; Joyce Steinbrunner, RN, Mercer Health Weight Management Center; Mauri Cron, Mercer County Civic Foundation board president; Mandy Wendel, Mercer Health market development coordinator; Deb Hemmelgarn, MED Foundation director; John Irmscher, Mercer Healthcare Fund; and Rick Ramsey, Mercer Healthcare Fund

(11-13-18) The Medical, Educational and Development Foundation of Mercer Health recently received a $7,500 grant from the Mercer County Civic Foundation and Mercer Healthcare Fund to purchase an InBody 570 body composition analyzer for Mercer Health’s Weight Management Center.

A body composition analyzer is a noninvasive test to measure fat, muscle mass and water levels in the body. Working much like a traditional scale, a person stands on the device and places their hands on bars at their sides. An electric current then runs through body tissues to estimate total body composition.

For Weight Management Center patients, this test can help health care providers:

  • Assess muscle-fat balance and visceral fat for comprehensive health risk assessments
  • Identify fluid imbalances related to inflammation or underlying disease
  • Monitor changes to determine efficacy of treatments and further guide health recommendations to ensure long-term success

In addition, the analyzer will be used as a community wellness tool to support the nutrition and weight status objectives outlined in Mercer County’s Community Health Improvement Plan. The analyzer will be available for public use at community events, including but not limited to:

  • Mercer Healthy Living Expo
  • Wright State University Lake Campus outreach events
  • Fall Fest & Healthy Kids Day
  • Grand Lake Marathon Expo
  • Mercer County Fair
  • Mercer Health Walk-In Wellness events

Deb Hemmelgarn, director of the MED Foundation

“The generous support received from the Mercer County Civic Foundation and Mercer Health Care Fund is greatly appreciated by the entire Mercer Health organization. Their ongoing support allows the MED Foundation to provide funds to improve the patient experience and positively impact our community.”

Rachel Steinke, Weight Management Center registered dietitian

“We’re so excited to have a device that can motivate and encourage participants. “The body composition analyzer gives our patients a more detailed look at their overall health and provides much more useful data than just weight alone.”

About the Mercer County Civic Foundation

The Mercer County Civic Foundation awards grants to local charitable organizations annually based on the breadth of community members served, the stability of the program and the quality of the services offered, among other important factors. The funding provided to Mercer Health will provide immeasurable benefit to the community in the continuously improving quality of care provided to our patients.

About the MED Foundation

The MED Foundation of Mercer Health, established in December of 1988 by a group of community leaders and hospital administration, aims to cultivate philanthropic relationships to provide for enhancements and for educational support for the future of health care services within our community.