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Celina Police Department News Releases

(11-7-18) On Tuesday evening, 11-6-2018, a man at 232 South Ash St allegedly threatened to harm himself and retreated to the crawl space of his home.  Identified as the homeowner, 38 year old Jonathon Dulebohn, refused to come out for officers.  He was shirtless and exhibiting unusual behavior.  As he spoke to officers it was apparent he was delusional and officers were unable to reason with him.

The space was cramped and very difficult to maneuver.  Assistant Chief Dan Harting and Patrolman Kyle Balthis volunteered to go under the house, belly crawling and twisting between pipes and floor joists to get Dulebohn.  In order for Harting to get close, at great personal risk, he shed his sidearm.  The man swung a pipe and began jerking on a gas line under the house.

To stop the man’s actions Harting was passed a TASER, and it was used on Dulebohn.  A Mercer County Sheriff’s Deputy, Jason Seger, saw the man recover and swing the pipe again in Harting’s direction.  He was able to administer another TASER shot which effectively stopped Dulebohn’s violent behavior.

Once Dulebohn settled down, officers had to cut away duct work to make a path out.  Dulebohn was taken to jail on multiple charges and held pending a mental health evaluation and a court appearance.  Charges include, obstructing official business, resisting arrest (both misdemeanors of the 2nd degree), assault, aggravated menacing, and inducing panic (all misdemeanors of the 1st degree),.

These law enforcement officers should be commended for their selfless devotion and effort to keep our citizens safe.