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UPDATED: 10-12-18 4pm

Statement from St. Marys City Schools Superintendent Bill Ruane
Student safety and well-being is our school district’s number one concern. Information was reported to the superintendent on Oct. 5 that warranted an investigation of a staff member. We contacted the SMPD that day and their investigation ultimately determined that there was no evidence of criminal conduct. The school district continued with its own internal investigation to ensure that our own board policies and the state’s professional code of conduct were followed. The internal investigation has been concluded and the district has taken remedial and disciplinary action. The district does not feel the policy violations addressed warrant termination. The employee will return to work on Monday, Oct. 15.


(10-11-18) St. Marys School District residents are wondering what is taking place with a district teacher.

Portion of message sent to the Outlook

Some reason the school is keeping it hush hush.

Several residents have contacted the Outlook about the situation taking place, hoping that the school will release information on the possible discipline of the teacher in question. Indications are that the teacher is presently on administrative leave or has been fired.

The issue has appeared on several social media sites (Citizens for the improvement of St. Marys City School District), plus other regional media sources have been contacted in hope that district will release a statement on the situation.

The Outlook sent an email earlier today to the St. Marys School Superintendent, the Treasurer and the Board of Education Members asking the district for a statement on the situation, plus any clarification they would like to share on the situation.

From the Outlook:

Mr. Ruane:

We received this information today via our Facebook page, we also received information from another person as well yesterday:

We would appreciate a statement from St. Marys School on the situation.  Anything you can share would be appreciated as well.  We hope to post something later today on this.

Hope that you can help clarify the situation.

The following is the response we just received-

Superintendent Bill Ruane

Student safety and well-being is our district’s number one concern. Information was reported to the Superintendent on October 5th  that warranted an investigation of a staff member. The school is still in the process of conducting a thorough investigation and is unable to comment further at this time. It is the responsibility of the district to ensure FERPA rights are not violated.

Editor’s Note – We are aware of some detail information that involves this situation, but will wait to follow-up with this story when the St. Marys School District concludes their investigation.