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(5-3-18) Following comes from both sources on a lock-down today at Wapakoneta High School. Wapakoneta Police statement includes:

There is no active shooter incident at the high school

From Wapakoneta City Schools:

A note was found at Wapakoneta High School today of a threatening nature. Based upon that threat and working with law enforcement, we decided to evacuate the building. Law enforcement did search students as they exited the building. The building was cleared by law enforcement. Students who could drive were sent home after they were searched. Other students were transported to a safe location off site and parents are being contacted. The other buildings were notified and took precautions (including a soft lock down) as well. We will provide transportation home today as regularly scheduled for all other buildings. We will continue to investigate this as we take this threat very seriously. We expect to have school on a normal schedule tomorrow and we will inform you if we have any additional details.


From the Wapakoneta Police:

There is no active shooter incident at the high school. School is being evacuated for precaution. If your child drove to the school they can leave in their vehicle. Otherwise your child can be picked up at Harvest Baptist. Please use Water Street.