Lydiann Schwartz and Sylvia Eicher
Lydiann Schwartz and Sylvia Eicher

(5-3-18) Two Adams County Amish women, Sylvia C. Eicher (73) and Lydiann S. Schwartz (73) have been charged with illegally Practicing Medicine (to mothers and babies) without a License and Unlawful Possession of a Syringe.

The charges  relate to  an investigations that started in May of 2017 after two separate incidents.

On May 10th, 2017 a 14-day-old newborn was transported by emergency squad to the Adams Memorial Hospital and later would pass away. The Adams County Coroner’s report said the baby had died of congenital heart disease (a small hole in the child’s heart). Schwartz, who delivered child at her home and also had been giving prenatal care to the mother of the child.

When Police asked Schwartz if she had been medically certified, she told officials  that a Willshire, Ohio physician had taught her how to give IVs.

Eicher, who told officials she was a mother’s helper, but she cannot administer prescription drugs or injections and has no medical license or training. An expected mother woke up with swelling in her legs, her husband took her to Eicher’s home for treatment, but Eicher told her she should go to the hospital, doctors would induce labor at 33 weeks.

Police then asked Eicher about the injections, the woman said Eicher had given her injections. Eicher admitted to officials that she had given “vet medicine” injections in the hip area to help “mature the lungs” of the unborn baby.

After posting bail Eicher and Schwartz were released from the Adams County Jail. They will appear Friday morning in Adams County court.