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(2-7-18) Last night at the Rockford Village Council meeting members discussed the future of Low-Power FM WKRD. Several issues have faced the newest FM in the county and the hope is to revamp it; including adding bylaws for the operation of the station.

from Council minutes:

WRKD update – The Board has been put in place and is working together to move forward.   Letters will be going out to past underwriters to let them know of changes and see if they would be interested in underwriting again.  The music has been changed to adult contemporary with some Christian contemporary in the mix.  We will be working on the programming and playlists.   One request was to bring back the Blue Show.   Brad Now may be interested in putting together a Jazz Show.   Will be adding more of the Public Service announcements.  Will be working with students to get them involved.  Right now everything is on a volunteer basis.   Looking down the road – once the bills are caught up and we are running smoothly we may look at creating some scholarship opportunities.  With that we need to approve the WRKD bylaws to give them a starting point.

Earlier in the week on the station’s Facebook page the following was posted:


FCC description of a low power FM station-

The Low Power FM (LPFM) radio service was created by the Commission in January 2000. LPFM stations are authorized for noncommercial educational broadcasting only (no commercial operation) and operate with an effective radiated power (ERP) of 100 watts (0.1 kilowatts) or less, with maximum facilities of 100 watts ERP at 30 meters (100 feet) antenna height above average terrain (HAAT). The approximate service range of a 100 watt LPFM station is 5.6 kilometers (3.5 miles radius). LPFM stations are not protected from interference that may be received from other classes of FM stations. A construction permit is required before an LPFM station can be constructed or operated. The mere filing of an LPFM application does not authorize any construction or operation.

LPFM stations are available to noncommercial educational entities and public safety and transportation organizations, but are not available to individuals or for commercial operations. Current broadcast licensees with interests in other media (broadcast or newspapers) are not eligible to obtain LPFM stations.