Deb Borns
Deb Borns

submitted by Celina Kiwanis Club

(2-1-18) Twenty-five years ago, Deb Borns took up photography as a hobby. Those years of practice served her well when she took a photography trip to Cuba with the Road Scholar program.

Borns believed the country would have modernized with the increase in American tourism after the Obama administration reset the two countries’ relationship. What she saw was a country frozen in time in many ways.

When Castro’s revolution began, wealthy Cubans fled leaving nearly everything behind. After the Batista regime fell, there was no way they could return to retrieve their property. Many of these homes remain empty. Vintage cars still cruise the streets. Despite this air of stagnation, Borns discovered that the government provides excellent healthcare and education for its citizens.

Unfortunately, there are few jobs available for this highly educated population. In fact, well educated teachers and doctors are Cuba’s largest export.

As part of her presentation, Borns showed some of her pictures from the trip. As might be expected, her tour group was closely supervised by government representatives. The group even ate in government run restaurants that had their food supplied for them by local farms, all for the benefit of outsiders.

In other business:

  • new member Kelly Westgerdes was inducted into the club
  • Fun Night was Tuesday, January 30, at the Orchard Tree.
  • Members held a “baby shower” to collect diapers and other childcare supplies for C.A.L.L.
  • phone recycling program was revived by club secretary Linda Goodwin with assistance from Marge Stachler.

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