What is Hospital Compare Star Rating? 

Hospital Compare is the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid consumer-oriented website that provides information on how well hospitals provide care to their patients.  The ratings are a composite metric of one to five stars, with five being the best.  They convey the overall quality of nearly 4,000 hospitals in the U.S.

The overall rating summarizes 57 quality measures on Hospital Compare reflecting common conditions that hospitals treat, such as heart attack, pneumonia, surgery and other conditions.  Compare also includes information on many important aspects of quality, such as rates of infections and complications and patients’ experiences, based on survey results. The overall rating shows how well each hospital performed, on average, compared to other hospitals in the U.S.

How Can I use the Hospital Compare Overall Rating?

In an emergency, you should go to the nearest hospital.  When you are able to plan ahead, the Hospital Compare Star Rating can provide a starting point for comparing a hospital to others locally and nationally.  The easy to understand star ratings are available online and empower people to compare and choose hospitals based on nationally recognized data.

How Does Joint Township District Memorial Hospital Rank?

Joint Township Hospital is the only hospital in our region to receive this highest ranking for the 2017 year.  In fact, Joint Township Hospital is the only 5-star rated hospital in the Greater Dayton Area Hospital Association.  Congratulations to the staff and physicians of Grand Lake Health System that strive every day to provide the highest quality of service to its patients and community.