Larry's Presentation

(1-17-18)  The insurance field will have to deal with a number of emerging issues, according to Larry Goins of Celina Insurance Group. Goins discussed some of these issues at a recent Celina Kiwanis meeting.

For example, car insurance rates are based on various types of data, such as type of car, area of residence, and average distance driven. Devices that collect driving data are already available on new cars. The questions then become who owns the data, who has access to it, and what can be used in court?

The use of autonomous cars presents another issue. When the car drives itself, who is liable if an accident occurs? Cell phones collect data. Currently, targeted ads appear based on this information. With tracking capabilities, a phone could produce an ad for a store as the person passes it. Apps to open and close doors, turn lights on and off, and perform other functions exist for cars and homes.

These are conveniences for the owner, but what effects do the apps have on security? How easily are they hacked? Insurers and the insured will have to deal with these issues in a future that is not that distant. To end his presentation, Goins talked about a unique mode of transportation. The future of the Jetsons.