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(12-20-17) Taking a look at today’s  Top 200 downloads from iTunes Addison Agen has three of her songs in the Top 10, including her original single release ‘Tennessee Rain’ and is looks to be a star in the making.

The Ft. Wayne Concordia student, who is just 16, and a member of Team Adam (Levine) finished as the runner-up to the winner Chloe Kohanski, who had just two songs in the Top 10 at #2 and #9.

Top 10 songs garner each Voice contestant added points to go along with the viewer votes.

Morrison Agen, Addison’s father, told NewsChannel 15:

“She’s been at this for almost a solid year. Were very excited to have her home. We also know this is not the end of her journey it’s the beginning of it.”

A welcome home party will take place tonight, Addison will arrive at the Fort Wayne International Airport around 10:30 p.m.

Concordia High School invites the public to the airport, those who are interested are asked to be in the lobby of the airport around 10:15 p.m.

The first 100 cars that arrive at the airport will receive a free parking pass at the Airport Visitor Center.