larry g

The 2017 Larry Grier Community Champion Award is being presented to Portland Police Chief Nathan Springer (pictured above).

Chief Sprunger has gone above and beyond to do so. He has actively worked with community service agencies and groups to learn more about resources, train police officers, and invite others to give input on key issues related to disability needs. He has been willing to provide and receive training, conduct safety drills, host parties, and community events to build relationships in this community. He has played a key role in bringing the Care Trak program to Jay County which helps people with disabilities and other needs to be found in the event they become lost.

Jayland Partners was founded in 2013. One of our original partners was Larry Grier who passed away in 2016. Larry worked at Meridian Health Services, his activity in the community and through Jayland Partners where he was a key part of all of the events, meetings and activities.

The award was created to honor Larry’s impact on the lives and  community in the way Grier did. This award recognizee a community member who champions the needs of people with disabilities to promote access and inclusion for all people.