(12-12-17) Tonight on NBC’s ‘The Voice’ four of eight contestants will be eliminated, the remaining four will move to the finals next week.

Will 16-year old Ft. Wayne Concordia student Addison Agen be one of the four to move on?

Addison Agen – Semifinals: “Both Sides Now”

Currently on the iTunes download chart her song ‘Both Sides Now” is #2, behind fellow contestant Chloe Kohanski, who has the #1 download with ‘I Want to Know What Love Is’. If any of the songs remain in the top ten when the voting window closes, its iTunes downloads will be multiplied by five and added to that artist’s total votes.

Many of the reviews online think she will –

Hollywood Life

Addison, who gives an incredible performance of “Both Sides Now by Joni Mitchell. Once again, Addison proves she is well beyond her years, and shows that she can do just about anything. How is she only 16!? To close out the night


Grade: A+ | After Addison’s superlative rendition of “A Case of You,” we all knew how this was going to go. Two words: freakin’ gorgeously. I scarcely know what else to say. I’ve never heard anyone sing Joni Mitchell that beautifully but Joni Mitchell. And, even when Addison’s all dolled up, as she was for this performance, there’s not a trace of artifice to her. She’s just a girl standing in front of an audience asking us to listen. What can we do in response but say “yes” and, once we’ve heard her, “thank you.” She may not win Season 13 — I can only hope — but she’s definitely emerged as my favorite. She’s just a step beyond.

Addison Agen & Keisha Renee – Semifinals: “Strong Enough”