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Read proposed policy that was voted down

(12-12-17) Lakota is one of the largest school districts in the Cincinnati area and the eighth-largest in Ohio voted last night at the regularly scheduled Board of Education on a Transgender Policy.  The vote rejected the policy 3-2.

Lakota BOE

Board members Ben Dibble, Lynda O’Connor and Todd Parnell voted against the new policy, Ray Murray and Julie Shaffer voted for the policy.

The proposed policy included stipulations requiring teachers to recognize transgender students with their self-chosen names and appropriate pronouns adhering to the students’ preference. It also further codified policies involving restrooms and locker rooms and sports participation.

Lakota special education teacher Emilly Osterling, who is also chair of the National Education Association Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual and Transgender Caucus told the Hamilton Journal-News:

“Lakota has already been accommodating these students for years. However, policy is necessary because it guarantees that the district will continue to acknowledge this student population and their needs despite change over in staff and administration.”

“I’m disappointed that the board didn’t vote to implement a formal, district-wide policy this evening.”

“The policy isn’t about restrooms, it’s about removing social stigma, educating the public about gender identity, creating safer and more inclusive classrooms and telling our transgender students – we see you.”

The current school superintendent of the Lakota School District is former Celina School District Superinetendent Matt Miller. Miller is in his first year after leaving the same position in Mentor.