(12-7-17) – The Childers Media Group in Lima has filed for a new FM translator located at 98.5 for its AM station, WCIT-AM 940.  The station is presently branded as ‘Sportstalk 940 WCIT’ and features CBS Sports Radio programming.

Childers and Woof Boom Management recently merged their groups in September, both sides had connections from their days with Maverick Media several years ago.

In an earlier translator filing locally this August, WCSM was looking to acquire a Michigan translator (100.3) to rebroadcast their AM signal at 1350.

From Tom Taylor’s Newsletter –

Tendered for filing” at the FCC – 300 new translators

They’re not grants yet, but potentially San Francisco’s going to get a new 95.3 (to SCA-Palo Alto) and 104.9 (Arthur Liu’s Multicultural Radio Broadcasting Licensee). Does the Detroit dial have room for 107.1, tendered for filing by WMUZ Radio Inc.? Can Jacksonville make way for 93.7, proposed by Queen of Peace Radio? Most of the 300 potential translators would be licensed to smaller towns. Townsquare’s up for a new 96.9 in Wichita Falls, TX. The 97.3 for “Washington” would be built in Indiana (to Old Northwest Broadcasting). But check some others in familiar markets – 104.9/St. Paul, MN to Asian American Broadcasting. 104.3/Roanoke for Mahon Communications. 105.3/Pensacola to Pensacola Radio Corp., which also gets 104.5/Cantonment. Saga files for 102.3/Keene, NH and 106.9/Brattleboro, VT. Zimmer files for 95.3/Columbia, MO. 94.7/Chattanooga could go to Piedmont International University. 105.7/Bakersfield to Punjabi American Media. 94.1/Richmond to Mobile Radio Partners. 106.9/Allentown to WHOL Radio Inc. And 95.9/Monterey to Saul Levine. The listing of potential brand-new translators tied to specific AM stations begins on page 11 of the FCC’s “Applications” file from Wednesday – and spirals through to page 72. See it here. Presumably this is only the first in a wave of such filings.